Corporate Philosophy


We optimize structures efficiently, responsibly and to the best interest of clients and we provide a comprehensive array of related services. Relational thinking and action ensure consideration of a problem’s full horizon in its solution without stretching the limits of the objective. The solutions we provide are optimized, economically reasonable, sustainable for foreseeable time horizons, and represent true value. We take our best efforts to improve our existing business, to expand into new and suitable directions and to continuously assess existing solutions for improvement potential. We survey the changes in our environment for effects on our business. Our corporate profits shall be sufficient to maintain independence from clients and business partners.




To Shareholders:

We provide an acceptable return on investment. We endeavor to minimize risks.


To Clients:

We provide a convincing quality of service. We charge fair price for value. We endeavor to ensure long-term business relationships. We try to see our clients’ needs in their full context.


To Employees:

We respect the individual. We support efforts to improve skills and knowledge. We complement tasks with commensurate responsibilities and competences. We provide good conditions of work and fair remuneration. We honor commitment.


To Business Partners:

We provide good conditions of cooperation and fair remuneration. We seek and maintain mutually beneficial, long-term and fair business relations. We share information which may be important to business partners. We assist business partners as well as possible in their tasks. We maintain clear quality objectives.


To Society:

We conduct business as a responsible member of corporate society. We observe the laws of the countries where we do business. We support charities.


Economic principles

Our business decisions are not exclusively economic in nature but also take into account legal, investment security and other considerations. Profitability is essential for staying in business. It is a measure of efficiency and of the value of our services. However, profits should be seen globally and not on a case-by-case basis. We strongly believe in market orientation instead of product orientation.


Integrity and Discretion

We maintain at all times full discretion about our clients and our mandates. We ensure the integrity of our clients and their interests by carefully exercising due diligence in entering any business relation. We do not accept commissions from any of our clients or business partners (suppliers, banks, asset managers, accountants, auditors, tax or legal advisers or representatives, etc.) except where they represent the essence of the business or where they cover our actual services.



We honor free enterprise and seek to compete fairly. Every client shall at all times be free to compare our services and prices with the ones of our competitors. It shall be a question of honor to indicate to clients solutions by third parties better suitable for their needs.



We recognize that open communication is essential. We endeavor to provide full relevant information about our activities to legitimately interested parties within the framework of business confidentiality. Clients are informed on a continuous basis about changes relevant to them or about improvement possibilities.