Stratus Group

Stratus Associates Limited


Established from 1998 as the successor of a previous group operating from Switzerland (established 1983), Stratus Group is active worldwide in a number of jurisdictions. It provides – directly or through an excellent network of subsidiaries, partners and associates – comprehensive consultancy, advisory, fiduciary, management and corporate services to a wide range of private, corporate and professional clients. Stratus Associates Limited, one of the oldest members of Stratus Group, is a Registered Agent for Cyprus companies and fully regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CYSEC) as one of the first Cyprus companies to obtain such a licence (No. 23).

The corporate philosophy of Stratus Group, its staff and employment policy, operational principles and guidelines are well defined and reflect responsibility in and towards the respective business environment whose shifts and changes are constantly surveyed for effects on the business and its issues. Stratus Group continuously optimises structures efficiently and responsibly. It makes its best efforts to improve existing business, to expand into new and suitable directions, and to continuously assess existing solutions for improvement potential.

Operationally, Stratus Group ensures at all times the highest achievable degree of security and discretion. Clients are accepted by introduction only. Loyalty to introducers, partners and associates is absolute. Stratus Group does not advertise and does not actively seek business. Risks are either contained or not incurred.

Stratus Group’s clients have flexible access to a comprehensive array of services and enjoy top service both personally and materially. Interdisciplinary thinking and action ensure that the environment of a task is included in its solution without exceeding its framework, thus achieving comprehensive, optimised, economically, fiscally and legally reasonable results sustainable for foreseeable time horizons. For each client and every problem there are the right company or partner and the right person at hand.

The Cyprus companies of Stratus Group operate from their own premises in the old town of Limassol.